3 Amazing Love Poems in English that hit your heart!

Poetry has a unique way of capturing and expressing the depth of human emotions, from love and longing to sorrow and introspection. In today’s post, we are delighted to showcase a collection of poignant verses penned by our talented contributors Hrisheekesh Gosh and Shree. Each love poem offers a glimpse into the intricacies of the human heart, inviting readers to delve into the complexities of their own emotions.

My Moon – A Love Poem in English

Love poem by Hrisheekesh gosh -namely My Moon


Oh my moon, why are you mad at me?

Do I have to bent on my knee?

Do I have to hold my ears, and pay the fee?

For this silly mistake done by me?

Oh my moon, please say something to me.

Cause I can’t bear this guilt and want to be free.

I know hurting you was the worst mistake done by me.

But can’t you please forgive and give me a chance in glee?

✍️✍️ @Hrisheekesh Ghosh


In “My Moon!” Hrisheekesh Gosh beautifully explores the theme of remorse and forgiveness. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt words, the poet reflects on the pain of hurting a loved one and the longing for reconciliation. The poem captures the universal experience of making mistakes and seeking redemption, resonating with readers who have grappled with feelings of guilt and remorse.

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Gone – An English poem by Hrisheekesh

English poem - gone


Why o why the special ones are never there 

when we need them the most?

For all I wanted in my hard times 

was them to be there for me the most.

Why o why is it that way with me? 

Am I hard to tolerate or do I annoy them the most?

Didn’t they know how distracted I had been? For

only their presence could have healed me those times.

Did I really ask them that much? 

For they left me in the dark alone as such.

I am deeply hurt and upset because of them, 

even if they had it unknowingly done.

My heart has shattered into pieces and left with none, for those special persons of mine had GONE.

~ Hrisheekesh Ghosh


In “Gone!!!,” Hrisheekesh delves into the theme of abandonment and loss. Through poignant verses, the poet expresses the deep sense of longing and betrayal that accompanies the absence of a cherished companion. The poem evokes a profound sense of sorrow and yearning, highlighting the emotional toll of separation and abandonment.

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Close Whispers – A Love poem in English by Shree

Close whispers

Close Whispers

Your eyes, 

Sparkles like the day sky

Your smile, 

compels me to forget every fright for a while

Your vibe,

Makes me taste the most joyous pulp of life. 

Such a heavenly figure on Earth you are! 

But ah! so woeful the thought of you being so far.. lives in my heart for ever and ever!



Shree’s poem “Close Whispers” celebrates the beauty of love and admiration. With elegant simplicity, the poet pays tribute to the enchanting allure of a loved one’s eyes, describing them as radiant beacons of joy and wonder. The poem captures the transformative power of love, inviting readers to bask in the radiance of affection and admiration.

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Conclusion – 

Today’s blog featured a captivating collection of English poems that explore the intricacies of human emotions. From the themes of remorse and forgiveness to longing and admiration, each poem offers a unique perspective on the complexities of the human heart. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our contributors Hrisheekesh Ghosh from Dhubri (poems- My Moon and Gone) and Shree (poem – Close Whispers ) from Karbi Anglong for sharing their talent and insight with us. Stay tuned for more inspiring works from our diverse community of writers! Thank you very much and wish you a bright future.

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  2. It was great reading these poems. It encouraged me. I really felt nice after reading the poems that got posted herw

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