Who am I?

Hey I'm Ocibul Oc

I am a student, blogger, writer & the owner of the website. 

Started blogging in 2020 to share my thoughts and help students who have unique ideas but struggle to publish them. Let’s work together to solve this problem and give these students a platform to shine!

Who Am I

I am an aspiring writer and student, the creative mind behind the unique platform I founded on September 5th, 2023.  Prior to this, I shared my thoughts on my Blogger account as The Ocibul Oc. With a passion for blogging, poetry, stories, and crafting wishes, I embarked on this journey to provide a space for students with exceptional ideas.

My mission is to assist those struggling to publish their creativity. Together, let’s illuminate their brilliance on a platform that is entirely free for all. 

    I completed my schooling at PBHS and pursued my High Secondary Education at Tihu College.

   Join me in creating a haven for unique ideas to flourish! Special thanks to my friend Mridu for her invaluable help in this endeavour.

    Welcome to my website, welcome to your stage, welcome to becoming who you were always meant to be.

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I’m just starting out with websites, hoping for more experiences soon. I enjoy writing poems, speeches, and blogs. Exciting news – our ‘Assamese Poem’ post is now the number one result on Google. It’s a big achievement for us!


Here, You get Unique Things only. Unique Speeches, Poems, Stories, wishes, blog in Assamese Hindi & English language


Big thanks to Karan (Rangia) ; Manash, Azmalur , Ajed (Bajali), Abhinab (Odisha), Bhaskar (Nalbari College), Raj (Kritiraj) (Rangia), Hrisheekesh Ghosh (Dhubri) and Shreemoyee (Karbi Anglong) for sharing their amazing poems and stories on our website! They’ve added a special touch to our community with their creativity.

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