The Road Less Travelled: My Journey from NEET Aspirant to …… Part -1

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Hi, I’m Ocibul Oc, a dedicated student and aspiring medical professional from Assam. Having completed my 12th board exams last year and began my journey to crack the NEET exam. Reflecting on my school years, I’m filled with nostalgia for those impactful and memorable days brimming with incredible experiences and amazing friendships. Despite dedicating an additional year to NEET preparation, I haven’t yet reached my goal. Now, standing at a crossroads, I’m contemplating whether to pursue a BSc, give NEET another shot, or explore other opportunities. Alongside these decisions, I’m also finding ways to earn some pocket money to support myself financially during this time.

Join me as I share my story, seizing this crucial moment in my academic journey, and discovering the path that aligns with my dreams and passions.

Early Success –  school life

My Initial School life –

1st to seven standard:

I began my educational journey at the age of five in a small school that no longer exists. Which was 50 steps away from my home. 

 My real adventure in learning, however, started when I joined Star Line Academy (SLA) at the age of seven in 2011.

 I vividly remember the mix of excitement and nerves on my first day. Having my cousin in the same class helped, and we quickly made friends with our new classmates.

Our days at SLA were filled with laughter, games, and endless discoveries. Learning to read was a particularly proud moment for me, and I soon became an avid reader, devouring every book I could find. 

However, my school life wasn’t without its challenges.

    English, in particular, was an unknown subject for me. I remember one humorous misunderstanding: when our English teacher said the word “girl,” I thought she meant “cheek” because in our mother tongue, “gal” (গাল) means cheek. Lol… 

 Those early days were a blend of fun and frustration.

Even though it was challenging, 

 I thoroughly enjoyed my early school years and made many friends, some of whom remain close to this day. They taught me countless valuable lessons.

  One notable incident from my school days centres on my name. During a 1st standard exam, I wrote “Asibul” as my name, but my English teacher marked it wrong (lol 🤣) because my ID card said “Ocibul” due to a clerical error. After I pointed this out, my teacher corrected the mistake, acknowledging “Asibul” as correct. 

 This experience led to me becoming a pro at explaining how to pronounce my name, like it was my unofficial part-time job!

 My time at SLA built a strong foundation for my future, filled with amazing memories and lifelong friendships. 

After six years, I made the decision to transition from  the private school to a government school, bidding farewell to SLA in 2017.

 My Middle School Life: (7th to 10th)-

My journey , NEET,  #speech
5th September, 2020 (teacher’s day) 

  I started my second school at Barsimla M.E School in 2017, now known as Paka Barsimla High School

  In the school, a girl proposed to me in the seventh standard, but I rejected her, saying, “I hate this love, focus on your work; it’s not the correct time for love.” 

 During this time, I wrote many stories about love and nature and developed a habit of writing my daily work list in my diary.

In 2017-18, Assam held the Gonoshav exam for the first time for 1st to 7th standards. Our school got an A grade, and I received an A+ grade.

 I also participated in the NMMS exam and passed, followed by the CM scholarship exam, which I also cleared. 

From first grade to the end of school, I always became the topper of the school.

When Ocibul Collecting his Award in PBHS, 2020-21 । Image by

During this time, I have won numerous quiz competitions at various events. Even now, I have a collection of books and other gifts that I received from school competitions and other events.

I credit these achievements to our honourable teachers.

Our teachers are not only sources of knowledge but also role models who set examples for us to follow. They always answer our questions, offer guidance, and provide constructive feedback.

 We are grateful for their selfless commitment to our success and will always remember the impact they have had on our lives. 

Pic : student Union, PBHS – image by

The Shift- from traditional studies to blogging and reading various books outside the syllabus

In 2021, I passed my tenth grade and eagerly embarked on the journey into eleventh and twelfth grade.

 Science has always been my passion, so naturally, I enrolled in Tihu College. Unwittingly, I embarked on a path that would wreak havoc on my academic standing. It was a decision that, in hindsight, stands as one of the gravest missteps of my school career.

Student Life, NEET Preparation, Assam Education, High School Memories, Academic Journey,  Study Tips,Tutoring Experience, Blogging Journey, Personal Growth, Pursuing Passions, Career Decisions, Inspirational Stories, my journey,
When Ocibul Oc was studying at the library of Tihu College

    Tihu College, primarily a degree institution, provided minimal support for eleventh and twelfth-grade students—teachers simply advised us to study diligently on our own.

N.S.- Tihu College is very good for higher education. 

We received insufficient support when we needed it most. As a student from an Assamese medium background, transitioning to English was another challenge, though it didn’t prove to be a significant barrier.

I wanna urge everyone reading this blog: if you’re considering studying in the eleventh and twelfth grades at a degree college anywhere in India, please reconsider. It could turn out worse than my experience.

By the end of my HS finals, the outcome was disappointing. Despite aiming for distinction since my school days, I barely managed to secure a first division. Transitioning from a structured government school to Tihu College led me astray; my study hours dwindled as I delved into extracurricular reading. Instead of focusing on my syllabus, I found myself engrossed in various other books and many blogs. 

Actually, I’ve been reading blogs since 2017, but I started writing them in the 11th grade. However, I ended up deleting most of my posts, although a few are still available on my blogger profile and free WordPress website. And after this, I was thinking about a proper website. 

This shift had a profound impact on my exam results—a far cry from my stellar performance in earlier years. It’s hard to believe that I was once a top student, consistently ranking first in my class up until tenth grade. High school marked a significant downturn in my academic journey.

The NEET Journey 

Since childhood,

My ambition has been to become an engineer. I excelled in mathematics from an early age. 

However, despite my strength in the subject, many people advised my parents that engineering has no future. Instead, they suggested I pursue the NEET exam, confident that I would excel given my academic track record. 

(The decision was taken after class ten,hence I left maths because in the NEET exam’s main subjects are Physics,Chemistry and Biology. So, there was no option to start Engineering )

Convinced by their faith in me,

I went to Guwahati on May 17, 2023.

 I started preparing for NEET on May 19 as a dropper. I devoted myself fully to studying, but my scores remained around 300 marks. The NEET exam requires over 600 out of 720 marks, a daunting challenge.

NEET aspirant ;  my journey
During Talking time after class😂 with Hrishee

When I stayed in Guwahati, I usually went for an evening walk and enjoyed a cup of Assam Milk Tea . However, most of my time was spent in my room or classroom.

When we went to drink tea together.

 In the end,

 I came to the hard decision that cracking NEET wasn’t feasible at this time, despite my perseverance. Unfortunately, my efforts yielded the same result.

Finding a New Path of my journey

Despite my efforts, my marks didn’t improve as I expanded my syllabus. Midway through my preparation, I began working on my website

Pic – Designed by AI

Surprisingly, within a few months, some of my posts ranked number one on Google. Balancing NEET preparation with writing only one or two posts per month became increasingly demanding. 

 So, I discontinued writing for a period.

Earning Pocket Money

   After returning from Guwahati, I was approached by many students for tutoring opportunities. However, I opted not to start individual sessions as most requests came from small groups or below eighth grade level, which didn’t align with my plans for establishing a formal tutorial.

   Instead, I received an offer from a group of three ninth-grade students to join them as their tutor. Excitedly, I embarked on this journey and began teaching my first batch of students. Teaching has become more than just a profession for me—it’s my passion to impart knowledge and understanding.

Having completed my own ninth-grade education in 2019, I find myself teaching the very concepts I once learned.

 Surprisingly, it’s been an effortless transition. Drawing from my schooling and insights gained from NEET coaching, I’ve developed effective teaching methods that make learning accessible and engaging.

Beyond the joy of teaching, tutoring also provides me with a means to earn pocket money alongside enhancing my own knowledge.

 After each class, I seek feedback from my students to ensure they understand and enjoy my teaching style. It’s incredibly rewarding when they express their appreciation for my approach and confirm their comprehension.

 If they ever voice doubts or difficulties, it inspires me to work even harder to help them understand.

My goal is not only financial gain but also to ensure every student grasps what they didn’t know before. I value this mutual respect and love for learning and hope it continues to grow.

Reflections and Future Plans of My Journey

Ocibul Oc Looking for something new ।। Image by OcibulOc.Com

Looking back on my journey so far, I see a path marked by both achievements and challenges. 

From the early days of my schooling at Star Line Academy to navigating the complexities of high school and the ups and downs of NEET preparation, each phase has shaped me in profound ways.

While my aspirations initially led me towards a career in medicine through NEET, my experiences at TC and the realities of the exam process brought new insights. Despite dedicating myself diligently, achieving the required scores proved elusive. This realisation prompted me to reassess my direction and explore alternative paths.

One significant shift has been towards writing and blogging, which emerged as a powerful outlet during my academic struggles.

 Starting with sporadic posts and eventually gaining recognition on platforms like Google, this journey into content creation offered me a new avenue of self-expression and exploration.

Simultaneously, my tutoring experience with ninth-grade students has been immensely fulfilling. Beyond the financial aspect, it has allowed me to reconnect with foundational knowledge and refine my teaching skills. The joy of seeing students grasp concepts and express their appreciation fuels my passion for education.

As I look to the future

 I aspire to be like Bunny from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, chasing my dreams and adventures. However, my family circumstances resemble Farhan’s and Financially like Raju’s family from 3 Idiots, where practicality often overshadows passion.

  So, I can’t spend too much again. 

  I’m exploring various paths to bridge this gap. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a related field while continuing to grow my presence in blogging and content creation seems like a promising way to balance both worlds.

 This way, I can build a solid foundation while still nurturing my creative aspirations.

Ultimately, I am grateful for the varied experiences that have shaped my journey thus far. They have taught me resilience, the importance of adaptability, and the value of pursuing passions that resonate deeply with me.

My journey
Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Blogging

 With a clear focus on continuous learning and exploration, I look forward to the future with optimism and enthusiasm, ready to seize new opportunities.

Lessons Learned and Advice for Others

Many things I have learned from my journey. 

When I have left writing for some time. 

This decision negatively impacted my website, resulting in a loss of viewers and a decrease in the number of unique visitors. I hope to recover and improve these metrics in the future.

 At the end of this journey, I reflected deeply on my choices and decided to pursue the NEET exam once more. Is it ok? 

Here are some Advices for you-

  1. Do what you love: Don’t listen to others; follow your own passions (if it is valid). Clearly communicate your goals to your parents and stand by them. 
  1. Choose the right school: Take admission in a good school and avoid enrolling in a degree college for 11th and 12th grades.
  1. Pursue your interests: Never stop doing what you love, even if progress is delayed.
  1. Add your unique touch: Always bring your unique perspective and creativity to everything you do.

  In conclusion, my journey from aspiring doctor to exploring my own path has been marked by valuable experiences and significant growth. While my initial goal of cracking NEET didn’t materialise as planned, I’ve found fulfilment in tutoring and discovered a passion for writing and blogging.

  Although some of my guardians urge me to continue pursuing NEET, I have not given up on it and may attempt the exam one more time. 

   Meanwhile, I will continue teaching and blogging. Moving forward, I aim to pursue further education while nurturing my interests in content creation. I am optimistic about the future and committed to embracing opportunities that align with my evolving aspirations.

These all are from my side today, now your turn in the comment box. If you want to support my writing 𝙗𝙪𝙮 𝙢𝙚 𝙖 𝙘𝙪𝙥 𝙤𝙛 𝙘𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙚, If not able right now it’s ok. Try again.☺😍

Thank you for reading the full blogs about my journey, hope you enjoyed it. please give your valuable comments, your comments inspire us a lot. 

With Love❤

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