The 6 Amazing English Poems with Emotions, Love, Care

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In a world where emotions flow like a river, poetry serves as a vessel to navigate the depths of the human experience. Within these English poems verses penned by the enigmatic poet Raj, we embark on a profound journey through themes of love, loss, resilience, and self-discovery.

6 English Poems by Raj represented by Unique Things by Oc

These all English poems are written by Raj, hope you love the English poems, here’s the all poems with each summary-

Rebound – Emotional Poem in English


On those numb days

When the touches of the purposes not felt, 

The silent pain was bleeding

As those in Haemophiliacs. 

The cold breezes at night

Reminds me of my loneliness

But crying was not an option

To bury the melancholy climate. 

Hold my dear, happiness was not far away from me

As the dark taught me, 

To enjoy it’s own brightness, 

To detest my flaws, 

To learn from those blunders. 

✒ Raj ✍️✍️  


The poet opens the collection with “Rebound,” a poignant exploration of numbness and silent pain akin to the bleeding of haemophiliacs. Through evocative imagery, the poet captures the struggle of facing loneliness without succumbing to tears, ultimately finding solace in embracing darkness and learning from personal flaws.

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Mom❤ – Specially for  Mothers day poem in English

Mom -amazing English Poems
Mom – An amazing Poem in English by Raj । Image by Oc


All the time she gently picked me up

Cherished by her devine touch, 

The meaning of her seldom heard

Through her unfailing love. 

Amalgam of innocence and fierce she is, 

Enriched with selfless love, 

Heals you with her self denial

And rocks you to sleep in her lap.

✒ Raj ✍️✍️


In “Mom❤,” the Poet pays homage to the divine love of a mother. With tender words, the poet celebrates the selfless nurturing and unwavering devotion that only a mother can provide. Through the amalgamation of innocence and strength, Raj beautifully portrays the healing power of maternal affection. The poem is specially for mothers day poem in English. 

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One Sided – An amazing New Poem in English

One Sided

When his efforts go in vain

Leftovers of heartbreak he could find,

Hovering a cloud of immense pain

She flew away his jovial dreams. 

Acceptance is now what he minds

As the sky screams to him, 

“He was a rainbow, 

But she was colour blind.”

                                 ✒ Raj ✍️✍️


In “One Sided,” Author delves into the pain of unrequited love. The protagonist’s affections go unnoticed, leaving him grappling with rejection and heartbreak. Despite the agony, he finds solace in accepting his emotions and embracing the courage to move forward. Through poet’s evocative words, we witness the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unreciprocated affection.

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Her Shy Smile- An Amazing Love Poem in English

Her shy Smile- English poems by raj
Her Shy Smile – A Poem in English । Image by Oc

Her Shy Smile 

Twirling hairs curtaining her face

My eyes clicking onto her visage, 

Some 2 thousand butterflies flew over my head

The moment she raised her head. 

Her smile with a pinch of shyness

Stucked my sight with an ineffable desire, 

The aroma of  deep affection

Thrashed me towards her. 

                                                 ✒ Raj ✍️✍️


“Twirling hairs curtaining her face,” begins the poet’s enchanting portrayal of feminine allure in “She.” With each line, the poet unveils a mesmerising image of desire intertwined with shyness and deep affection. Through the lens of infatuation, Raj captures the irresistible magnetism of a beloved, leaving readers captivated by the essence of love.

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Revive – A Poem in English


When the hope shimmered on the face

After sailing through the gifts of hardships, 

But the bruises of the adversity

Were still loaded with grief and ache. 

Accepting those high tides

Was not anyone thrives to see, 

Cause a boutique full of expectations

Is everyone’s cup of tea. 

Along the shore of diverse antagonists

Striving not to be injudicious anyway, 

Dodging the bumps of inducements

To sail for new days….

                 ✒ Raj ✍️✍️


In “Revive,” the poet delves into the resilience of the human spirit amidst adversity. Through the metaphor of sailing through hardships and navigating the bruises of grief, the poet reflects on the universal quest for hope and renewal. Despite the allure of expectations and the lure of inducements, poet emphasises the importance of perseverance and steering towards new horizons.

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Her, Not Her – A love poem in English

Her, Not Her

Miles apart still heart goes to her

Cause it was not the lust

Which turns me on for her

A strong desire intact with tons of memories

Was the thread which still sews

The bruises of your love

All I do is think about you

But you were “La Belle Dame sans Merci”

                                               ✒ Raj ✍️✍️


The collection culminates with “Her, Not Her,” a haunting ode to a distant love. Raj’s verses resonate with longing and nostalgia as the poet grapples with the remnants of a past romance. Through the contrast of desire and disillusionment, The poet captures the bittersweet essence of unrequited affection, leaving readers entranced by the echoes of a love lost.

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In the Collection of Raj’s poetry, we find a reflection of our own humanity—fragile yet resilient, longing yet hopeful. Each verse serves as a mirror to the soul, inviting readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. Through the power of these English poems , the poet invites us to embrace the complexities of love, confront the shadows of our past, and ultimately, find solace in the beauty of the human experience.

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