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Happy birthday poem in English for best friend

Hey everyone! Imagine a beautiful birthday wish in the form of a birthday poem, crafted by one of our awesome followers.

 It’s all about celebrating friendship, joy, and birthdays. Get ready to feel the warmth and charm of this special creation as we dive into the magic of heartfelt words.

A Birthday Wish To My Friend- a Birthday poem

Here the birthday poem as A Birthday Wish To My Friend by A Das, hope you enjoy the poem, let’s read-

A birthday poem in English ।। birthday poem for best friend


✍️✍️✍️   Abhinab Das

Oh! My friend…

          Wish you a happy birthday 

Your life fills with pleasure,

          Before God I always pray

On this happy moment 

          Neither Can I meet, nor I present.

By this poem you remember, 

         Me like a friend in heart chamber

For wounds in body,

        Ointments can heal,

But for success

         You have to express your zeal.

For your living. 

         Parents always nurture,

Take blessings from them 

        To reshape your future.

Be aware, 

        For your life’s direction.

After succeeding, 

        You can gather everyone’s attention.

Wish ! Always stay ahead,

         Not in behind

At Last to your this friend

         This poem will always remind. 


Poet – Meet Abhinab Das, a talented writer and poet. With a recent book as The Singer Girl And Her Mother that captivates, his words paint vivid images. Dive into his world through the link and discover the essence of this remarkable wordsmith.

Now, here’s the fun part – we want YOU to be a part of this creative vibe! If you’ve got your own birthday wish turned into a poem or any other, we’d love to see it. Share your poetic genius with us by emailing your work to the address below. 

Let’s make birthdays extra special with the power of words. Can’t wait to read your heartfelt wishes! 🎉

Friends, today I am presenting you the above English poem. Please let us know how the poem went and how we can improve our writings.

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