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As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the exciting unknown of 2024, it’s time to reflect on the rollercoaster ride that was the past year for India.

      A year marked by triumphs and tragedies, advancements and challenges, India 2023 offered a glimpse into the nation’s resilience and its unwavering goal of progress.

A year of contrasts for India – G20 leadership by India 2023, Chandrayaan-3’s moon mission, and economic growth were met with Manipur violence, a tunnel collapse, and startup struggles. Can 2024 bring transformative progress?

What we will learn in this post :-

  1. Exploration of India 2023’s highs with G20 Presidency
  2.  Notable space mission (Chandrayaan-3, Aditya L1) 
  3. Economic Growth of India 2023
  4. Largest office in the world 
  5. The ICC ODI World Cup 2023
  1.  Manipur violence.
  2. Climate Change Challenges India 2023
  3. Start-up Slowdown. 
  4. Uttarakhand tunnel collapse

India 2023 -some proud Points

Ups that Soared High:

  1. G20 Presidency by India 2023

      The G20 Summit is held annually with a rotating presidency, and in the beginning of 2023, India assumed the honorary presidency of the G20, marking a significant moment on the world stage.

G20 India 2023

     Throughout the year, India hosted numerous meetings and conferences, focusing on critical issues like climate change, digital transformation, and global health. 

     The culmination of the presidency with the G20 Leaders’ summit in September cemented India’s role as a leading voice in the international arena.

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  1. Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1: India 2023
Chandrayaan3 -3D view: image source Google

          India’s Space program (ISRO) continued to reach new heights in 2023. The successful launch of Chandrayaan-3 on 23rd August made India the first country to attempt a soft landing on the lunar South Pole of the moon. The Chandrayaan-3 landing site is located about 600 kilometres from the South Pole. The landing point was named by PM Narendra Modi asShiv shakti Point”. 

    The Government of India has declared August 23 of every year as ‘National Space Day’ to commemorate this historic moment.

       Additionally, the launch of Aditya L1, the country’s first dedicated solar observatory, marked a significant step towards understanding the sun’s influence on Earth’s climate.

          Despite global economic headwinds, India’s economy remained resilient, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projecting a GDP growth of 6.7% for 2023. This growth is fueled by strong domestic demand and a thriving services sector. India’s rise to the 5th rank in the world’s GDP ranking further underscores its economic prowess. 

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  1. The Surat Diamond House Largest Office in the world:

         Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently on 17th December, 2023 inaugurated Surat Diamond Bourse, the world’s largest and modern centre for international diamond and jewellery business. 

The Surat Diamond Bourse building

   The Surat Diamond Bourse building is the world’s largest office complex with more than 67 lakh square feet of floor area. Surat Diamond Bourse is Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, almost 300 km north of Mumbai, is the city of Surat.

    It will be a global centre for trading of both rough and polished diamonds as well as jewellery.

     The Guinness World Records certified the building, which is a component of Diamond Research and Mercantile (DREAM) City, as the largest office building in the world in August of this year (2023).

  1. The ICC ODI World Cup in India 2023

         The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, played in India, was the 13th edition of the prestigious ODI tournament by the BCCI & the ICC. This highly awaited event, held every four years, featured intense competition among men’s national teams from ten countries. 

ICC World Cup 2023 Logo : collection from Google

  The tournament very much impacted the economics of India. According to a report by Kotak Securities, the Cricket World Cup 2023 could add up to ₹13,500 crore to the Indian economy, with a significant portion of this coming from the travel and hospitality sectors.

2023 – some Sad moments

Downs that Tested Resilience:

  1. Manipur Violence: 
Manipur Violence 2023 : image source Google
Manipur Violence 2023, image from Google.

     The tragic clashes between Meiteis and kuki in Manipur in June cast a dark shadow over the year. The violence resulted in the loss of innocent lives and highlighted the need for a peaceful resolution to the decades-long conflict in the region.

  1. Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: India 2023

        The Uttarakhand tunnel collapse was a major incident that occurred on November 12, 2023, in the Silkyara Bend-Barkot tunnel project in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand, India. 

India 2023, uttarakhand tunel collapse

When the tunnel caved, 41 workers were trapped inside. After 17 days of relentless efforts, all 41 workers were successfully rescued on November 29, 2023. 

           The rescue operation was hailed as a major success and a testament to the dedication and skills of the rescue teams.

  1. Start-up Slowdown: India 2023

       The global economic slowdown impacted India’s start-up ecosystem, with funding drying up and valuations plummeting. While this presented challenges for young companies, it also forced a shift towards profitability and sustainability, which could pave the way for long-term success.

  1. Climate Change Challenges India 2023

      India, one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, faced the brunt of extreme weather events in 2023. Heatwaves, floods, and droughts caused widespread devastation highlighting the urgency of adapting to a changing climate. 

Looking Ahead to 2024:

     As we step into 2024, India stands at a crossroads, with both challenges and opportunities looming large. The upcoming generation elections will be a defining moment for the nation’s trajectory. 

     Continued economic growth, coupled with investments in education, healthcare, and infrastructure, will be crucial for India’s continued rise. Addressing issues like social inequality, environmental degradation, and internal conflict will be equally important.

       Ultimately, India’s future hinges on its ability to embrace its contradictions and channel its diverse strengths towards a common goal. With unwavering optimism and a spirit of collective action, India can make 2024 a year of transformative progress, not just for itself, but for the world. 


The year 2023 was a rollercoaster ride for India, marked by both triumphs and tragedies. On the one hand, India assumed the G20 presidency, successfully launched Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1 missions, achieved economic growth, and inaugurated the world’s largest office complex, the Surat Diamond House. On the other hand, the nation faced challenges like the Manipur violence, the Uttarakhand tunnel collapse, a slowdown in the startup ecosystem, and the constant threat of climate change.

      Looking ahead to 2024, India stands at a crossroads, with the upcoming general elections being a defining moment. Continued economic growth, investments in education, healthcare, and infrastructure, and addressing issues like social inequality and environmental degradation will be crucial for India’s success in the new year.


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