Happy New Year Poem in Hindi New | Swagatam 2024||

As we near the close of 2023’s story,Let’s usher in 2024 with poetic glory. A welcome to the new, full of hope and cheer,

स्वागतम- २०२४, a verse that draws near.

In the post, We will publish a awesome hindi poem as स्वागतम- २०२४, If you searching new year’s hindi poem then welcome to here.

An amazing hindi poem || new year Hindi poem|| Swagatam -2024

स्वागतम- २०२४ – A hindi poem

खुशियां हैं दिन में 

        वाण्टेंगे हम सब में   

देंगे हम सबको उतना प्यार 

ताकि इस साल हो जाये सबको यादगार।

हाँ विश करेंगे मौज करेंगे

       गले लगाएं हम सबको

बीते दिन को याद ना करके

       भूल जायें सभी दुःख को

 की गई हुई गलतियों को

       करेंगे हम भरफाया,

कुछ नया करेंगे आजसे

      जो हमसे हो पाया।

सब में कितना नया जोश,

      अपने दिल में करे मेहसूस,

इस साल कभी ना रहे 

        किसी के मने में अफसोस ।

 चुनौतियों को करेंगे हम

        डट कर सामना,

ईश्वर सभी का भला करें 

       ये हैं हमारी कामना

जियेंगे हम सब मिलकर

      इस नये साल को

नये जीवन की शुरुआत

     और अपनी नई पहचान को।। 

               ✍️✍️✍️✍️अभिनव दास

××××× *××××× 

With every sunrise, a fresh page to explore,

In the book of 2024, dreams galore.

Welcome this year with open arms and more. स्वागतम- २०२४, let the adventure restore.

Your visit to this poetic space is a cherished moment, and we hope the verses resonate with you, providing a touch of warmth and reflection in the tapestry of your journey through the unfolding year.

Thank you Abhinab Das (poet), for sending the poem to us, (he is a follower of unique things). If you also want to send your poem, stories then send through our mail

Friends, today I am presenting you the above Hindi poem. Please let us know how the poem went and how we can improve our writings.

Thank you too , for spending so much time on our website, I hope you will always help us to move forward like this.

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